WAP (Work Access Pass) allows you to join our camp for build. This allows you early entry into the event in exchange for help in building camp.

Build week is one of the best parts of the event as we create a city from scratch.

Select the day you would like to arrive and apply for your WAP below.

1ApprovedDavid SingerTuesday, August 23rd (build week)
2ApprovedWolves / MirabelleTuesday, August 23rd (build week)
3ApprovedChameleonTuesday, August 23rd (build week)
4ApprovedAntonTuesday, August 23rd (build week)Hey! I still don’t have a r...
5ApprovedJamanTuesday, August 23rd (build week)
6ApprovedPolillaTuesday, August 23rd (build week)
7ApprovedBrittTuesday, August 23rd (build week)Afternoon/evening arrival.
8ApprovedBrodieTuesday, August 23rd (build week)Afternoon / Evening
9ApprovedPursleyTuesday, August 23rd (build week)I will be arriving with Rob...
10Approved'Bout itWednesday, August 24th (build week)I should arrive midday on t...
11ApprovedTanzi or BufferWednesday, August 24th (build week)
12ApprovedRobert MajewskiWednesday, August 24th (build week)Michel Pressault and myself...
13ApprovedLunaWednesday, August 24th (build week)Im aiming to arrive between...
14ApprovedEmaThursday, August 25th (build week)
15ApprovedLucie gibonThursday, August 25th (build week)
16ApprovedCathy LaughlinThursday, August 25th (build week)
17ApprovedFaycal Ben SassiThursday, August 25th (build week)
18ApprovedMichael SelbergFriday, August 26th (build week)Will be leaving from SF ear...
19ApprovedNimesh MonsonFriday, August 26th (build week)
20ApprovedAlenaFriday, August 26th (build week)
21ApprovedBobby WardFriday, August 26th (build week)
22ApprovedYixiao JiangSaturday, August 27th (build week)I'm actually able to arrive...
23ApprovedAutumn MishlerSaturday, August 27th (build week)
Burning Man

Read more about about Work Access Pass.