WAP (Work Access Pass) allows you to join our camp for build. This allows you early entry into the event in exchange for help in building camp.

Build week is one of the best parts of the event as we create a city from scratch but it's also a lot of hard physical work, often in the hot sun. It's not for the faint of heart.

We have a few additional rules that apply to everyone requesting a WAP.

  • WAP are not an excuse to party early. You need to stay playa sober until the event starts.
  • It's expected you will stay in camp during early arrival. We work long days and you should be ready to participate, you can explore after the gate opens.
  • Please put a realistic arrival date. If you are unsure when you will arrive, pick a latter date.
  • Passes are good starting at 12:01 am the day they are issued for.

Select the day you would like to arrive and apply for your WAP below. A PDF of the WAP will be available 2023-08-15 to download and print.

24ApprovedDavid SingerMonday, August 21nd (build week)
25ApprovedLUNAMonday, August 21nd (build week)
26ApprovedAbstractMonday, August 21nd (build week)
27ApprovedPhoenixMonday, August 21nd (build week)
28ApprovedJar JarMonday, August 21nd (build week)
29ActiveN/ATuesday, August 22rd (build week)
30RejectedCarina Rosanna TautuTuesday, August 22rd (build week)
31ApprovedJosiah BonesTuesday, August 22rd (build week)
32ApprovedClank!Wednesday, August 23th (build week)
33ApprovedNorth Jones-DixonWednesday, August 23th (build week)
34ApprovedHeather Harkness-PastranaWednesday, August 23th (build week)
35ApprovedEdgar "tex" nielsenWednesday, August 23th (build week)
36ApprovedKelsey CalefWednesday, August 23th (build week)
37ApprovedKenna TottyWednesday, August 23th (build week)
38ApprovedOliver StuartWednesday, August 23th (build week)
39ApprovedRosie HarrisWednesday, August 23th (build week)With Aussie crew
40ApprovedZach BrownWednesday, August 23th (build week)With aussie crew
41ApprovedAlan VincentWednesday, August 23th (build week)
42ApprovedInspector GadgetThursday, August 24th (build week)
43ActiveN/AThursday, August 24th (build week)
44ApprovedSly-FoxThursday, August 24th (build week)
45ActiveN/AThursday, August 24th (build week)
46ApprovedAmy D HamburgerThursday, August 24th (build week)
47ApprovedOgeThursday, August 24th (build week)
48ActiveN/AThursday, August 24th (build week)
49ActiveN/AThursday, August 24th (build week)
50ActiveN/AThursday, August 24th (build week)
51Approvedsamuel nortonThursday, August 24th (build week)
52ApprovedScott ArkyFriday, August 25th (build week)
53ApprovedCelsiusFriday, August 25th (build week)
54ApprovedCocolicioiusFriday, August 25th (build week)
Burning Man

Read more about about Work Access Passes on the official Burning Man site.