Bikes are a great way to get around the burn and we strongly recomend you bring one with a spare set of tubes.

Camp has a great set of bike tools but you should know how to repair your bike before you arrive on playa. There are bike repair camps but they often have long lines.

We have a limited number of camp bikes available. You can reserve one bellow.

At the end of each burn we go around and collect bikes that are left as MOOP and store them in our shipping container for next year.

If you get a bike from us and it is working at the end of the burn you can put it back in our container (but you might not get it again next year). If it's not in good working condition then you are responsible for taking it home.

Bikes are provided without warenty and are dissasmbled! To increase storage capacity we take the pedals, handlebars, and seats off each bike. You are responsible for assmbling your camp bike.

Please only request a camp bike if you have a legitimate need. i.e. you are flying to the event, can't afford one, etc. If you are just to lazy to haul around your own bike your request will probably be denied.

Buring Man

Read the official Survival Guide on bikes.

PhotoBike IDStatusTitleUser
BikeE3E2FACompletedBlack CruiserJQ Whitcomb
Bike1999F7ActiveRed BikeN/A
Bike2AC211ReservedWhite CruiserDavid Singer
Bike9DFA5AActiveBlack CruiserN/A
Bike8D85E5CompletedWhite with FendersMatt Mortimer
BikeDC7F10ActiveGoogle BikeN/A
Bike833FE1ActiveLight Blue BikeN/A
Bike8E421CAssignedBlue and White BikeMaestro
BikeE74892AssignedLight Purple BikeHannah Carle
Bike06065BAssignedPurple and PinkOliver Stuart
Bike589C79ReservedLight GreenN/A
BikeB033C0ActiveBlue and Green BikeN/A
BikeC35691AssignedLarge Blue BikeJosiah Bones
Bike5A1089CompletedWhite HuffyDavid Singer
BikeB03A06CompletedWhite BikeKenna Totty
BikeE21A58CompletedLight PurpleCamille Griffe
BikeF78E95CompletedRed HuffyKyle Depew