Trash and Plastic Recylcing

We mix trash and recycling because trying to build a system that drunk people can follow is just impossible (we tried for years). It never works out, and in the end, everything just ends up in the same spot.

Aluminum Cans

We do attempt to separate aluminum cans. They get delivered to Recycle camp periodically throughout the week.


Cardboard is always an issue for us at the end. Try not to bring any cardboard with you. Burning Man does not allow cardboard burning in the big burn piles anymore. Take food out of cardboard boxes if possible; unpack your Amazon shit; use plastic totes for your stuff instead of cardboard boxes. When it rains, you will be glad you did.


We have always received a green rating, allowing us to maintain our placement privileges.

The following items are not allowed in camp under any circumstances: cut carpet, styrofoam, rebar. Think twice about glitter and feathers.

Every camper is responsible for transporting all their personal trash and 3 large black camp trash bags. Do not fill your car 100% full as you will need space on the way home for trash.