We have a camp kitchen for everyone's use and a meal plan.

Camp provides breakfast served between 10:00 AM and noon, prepared by a team of two.

We convene for dinner every day at sundown. When the sun is setting, come home to nourish yourself and change your outfit.

We try our best to make sure that everyone's dietary restrictions are considered when cooking meals. Add dietary restrictions to your profile.

Dinner is cooked by a team of three, one head chef and two sous chefs. Cleanup is handled by another crew of two. Sign up for these jobs on the job board.

There are three sinks. One sink is for rinsing & soaking, the next for washing, and the third has a few drops of bleach for sanitizing.

We provide two propane stoves and a have a variety of pots and pans. We have a table for shared snacks and other goodies. We also have camp coffee, which is organized by the Caffeine Captain, usually a delicious cold-brew tank.

You are responsible for returning the kitchen to a clean state immediately after using it. Leave no trace applies to the kitchen as well. Please don't store personal food in the kitchen during the event; our camp has grown to the size that this is no longer practical.


You should bring a cooler if you want to keep anything cold. We usually store our coolers somewhere shady by the kitchen so it's easier for the ice person to reach everyone at once. We don't have communal coolers other than the bar ice one and we don't allow anything other than ice in that one for obvious safety reasons. If you are cooking breakfast or dinner please bring enough cooler capacity for the ingredients.