Public shade

In 2017, we built a beautiful white shade structure, and in 2022, we expanded it.

Our public shade structure hosts our sauna and Bunny Bar.

We also have a 24'x40' shade structure where we have most of our seating and couches.

Camp shade

In 2024 we purchased a 50'x20' Black Rock Hardware style shade structure for campers tents.

Because this is the first year we are offering camper shade there will be a $100 charge for camping under the shade.

Contact Gareth John Evans if you are interested in participating in this.

Camp shade
Registered for camp shade
79ActiveYashTent6.0 ft x 8.0 ft
80ActiveAline FerreiraTent10.0 ft x 6.0 ft
94ActiveYuriShiftpod12.0 ft x 12.0 ft
90ApprovedKenna TottyShiftpod10.0 ft x 10.0 ft
81ActiveFirst time for meπŸ˜¬πŸ™ƒTent6.0 ft x 6.0 ft
83ActiveSocksOther13.5 ft x 7.5 ft
86ActiveHannah CarleTent8.0 ft x 8.0 ft
91ActiveCeline CottenoirTent10.0 ft x 10.0 ft
95ActiveGareth John EvansOther9.7 ft x 9.7 ft
96ActiveJQ WhitcombTent9.5 ft x 18.0 ft
97ActiveRosie HarrisTent18.0 ft x 9.5 ft
98ActiveHenry BerliandTent8.0 ft x 7.0 ft
99ActiveMargaux Elina GrouxTent8.0 ft x 6.0 ft
87ActiveMaestroTent8.0 ft x 6.0 ft
100ActiveChidu NadigTent6.0 ft x 8.0 ft
101ActiveBrian FernalldTent7.0 ft x 11.0 ft
102PaidHarlenTent8.0 ft x 8.0 ft
82ActiveCelsiusShiftpod13.0 ft x 12.0 ft
85ActiveShannon DaddyTent6.0 ft x 4.0 ft
DIY options

Here are some recommendations for DIY friendly options you can bring and set up yourself: