We have two dual fuel Champion 100263 generators capable of producing 3000W each, connected together with a parallel kit.

The generators power our air conditioned space and camp lighting.

Campers may plug into the power grid and use small amounts of power (less than 100W) for things like lighting, charging a phone, etc. Campers may not run personal air conditioners, fridges, or any other high draw items. If you want AC you need to bring your own generator and it must be rated less than 60 dB.

Generators are primarily for camp needs, so don't turn them on just to charge your phone. If you want something charged, plug it in so that when the generators are turned on it will automatically start. If you want to learn how to turn the power on and off, a training day will be held during the summer in the Bay Area. Generators are typically run from noon - midnight.

If you want power at your tent, you need to bring a 50' extension cord. We do not provide extension cords! Above all else, if you don't know what you're doing, don't fuck with the generators!

Parallel kit