Stewards Sale

The Stewards Sale provides tickets to theme camps ahead of the main sale. These tickets usually go to people that have participated with the camp in the past or are actively working on a project for 2023.

Details for the sale are available on the official site.

We were given 11 allotments this year for a total of 22 tickets and 11 vehicle passes.

In order to participate in the Stewards Sale, you must agree to the following conditions:

  1. If you decide to camp elsewere, you must offer to sell your tickets back to camp at cost.
  2. If you are chosen to participate in this sale, you must buy 2 tickets and 1 vehicle pass .
  3. If you only need 1 ticket, you must sell your extra tickets to someone that camps with 8-bit Bunny.
  4. Tickets are $575.00, and a vehicle pass costs $150.00, plus a bunch of bullshit fees, for a total of $1,489.48.
  5. Please don't fuck this up. These tickets are important to our camp, and it's important to follow though if you are selected.
Buring Man

Read more about Stewards Sale on the official Burning Man site.