Bunny Bar

The Bunny Bar is one of our most interactive activities in camp. The bar is open whenever someone in camp is prepared to bartend, and there are always sufficient libations to serve.

There is only one rule to the Bunny Bar: everyone must spin the wheel and complete a task before being served. The wheel holds 12 cards. On one side of the card is our camp logo - the other side is blank and you may write whatever task you would like to see someone perform.

Use your imagination! Examples of previous cards include:

  • Roll play the opening scene of a bunny-themed porn (we provide ears and tails).
  • Tell us an embarrassing story involving body fluids (on the megaphone).
  • Sunscreen the bartender.
  • Propose to a stranger and get their hand in marriage. If they say no, you spin again.
  • Fake an orgasm on the megaphone (convincingly).


We have a collection of 35 small megaphones. 10 watts is the perfect size; it's fun without being obnoxiously loud. Many of our Bunny Bar tasks require a megaphone to complete.

Spin the wheel
No carrots

It's a common misconception that rabbits love carrots. To promote a greater understanding of lagomorphs we discourage carrot-themed decorations around camp.