COVID-19 is a challange for large events, espesially at Burning Man.

If you get sick during the event, and are not on our core team, it is expected that you will pack up and leave Burning Man. There is no effective way to issolate at 8-bit Bunny and it's not fair to other campers to continue to expose them. In 2022 10% of our campers caught COVID which is in line with what other camps experianced.

You are required to take an at home COVID-19 test the day you depart for the playa. Bring a photo of the test with you. We know that this leaves open the possibility of cheating as we can't authenticate photos. Anyone caught lying about taking an at home test or the results will be banned from camp forever. Don't cheat on this one.

Camp leadership reserves the right to ask anyone to take a rapid test at any time during the event.